Monday, April 28, 2014

Clotheslines 4

Clotheslines 4

Todays photos of clotheslines Series were taken in St. Mary's and Gaskiers in St. Mary's Bay.  In the three photos I shared on the email list, the ocean is visible in the background. I imagine the breeze from the ocean helps clothes dry quickly.

In some areas of North America it is illegal to hang clothes out to dry.  Can anyone explain that law to me?

Another couple of comments from yesterday:

Love your clothes lines! My Mom could always pick a day that was "good on clothes". I don't know how to tell. Probable has to do with barometric pressures. I have a line on my balcony (17th floor) that I only use when there are no golfers on the golf course next door to snitch on me. 
I had a good giggle over this and that poem is actually so true. Sad to see how this old world is changing.

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