Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bay Roberts

Bay Roberts

Bay Roberts is one of the larger communities on the Avalon Peninsula, and I have been there many times.  On April 21, I drove out to a scenic area known as the Heritage Walk.  If you live on the Avalon Peninsula and haven't been there, put it on your Things To Do and See List for this summer.

The drive through the town offers views of churches, interesting houses and buildings, seascapes and steep cliffs.  The first photo shows Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Church which is on one of the side roads. The older style white and yellow houses on the main road sre well maintained.  The old store front and interesting house-shaped garbage box also captured my attention.  The Three Sisters is a series of sea stacks close to the beach along the Heritage Walk.  There were three people on that beach who climbed out on the closest of the three sisters.

St. Matthew's Anglican Church is quite noticeable as you drive along the main road.  I had to walk onto the property to avoid most of the power lines.  I have made photos of the outside several times but have yet to get inside the building to make photos.

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