Friday, October 08, 2010

Blue and Green 3

This is the last in the Blue and Green series, though I do have others which I may return to in the future. My photo of the blueberries which I submitted isn't doing very well in the voting stage of this contest. Of the 15 photos I shared over the past three days I wonder which of the photos you think I should have entered. If you want to see the 111 photos entered this week, you can get to the contest site by clicking on the following link:

The first photo this morning was taken at an antique car show here in Holyrood several years ago. It is interesting how the design of cars has changed so much over the years. A small island off St. Michael's, located along the Irish Loop, was partially covered in fog while sun shone brightly all around. I liked the interesting green window frame on the old Masonic Hall in St. John's.

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