Saturday, October 09, 2010


This morning I am returning to the Calgary Zoo Series for a few days. If you missed the last series on this topic, visit my Blog - Photo of the Day Blog - and look through May (Gorillas) and June (4 postings).

These was the first live giraffes I had ever seen other than in nature shows on TV. The first was taken inside a large building where a mother and baby were eating. I took a few photos there, but there was too much stuff around, including the bins they were eating out of.

Once I moved outside I saw another giraffe that was chasing a peacock around the enclosure. It was sort of funny to see this large, long-necked animal with head down literally running after the peacock. I didn't get a shot of that because of a fence and several shrubs. A few minutes later another walked by and took a look in my direction, then continued along. Later, two giraffes started eating near a tree that was bound with chicken wire, presumably to keep them, and other animals, from eating the bark and destroying the tree.

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