Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunrise 2

If you, like others on my list, can't figure out how I can take 300-500 photos every day on my early morning walks, especially since I have visited Florida several times, I am sharing further examples today.

The first two photos show a species of very tall grass some of which is nearly 20 feet in height. The lighting in these photos is muted because of the thick morning fog. Like most sunrise photos, these should give viewers a peaceful feeling.

I saw a blue heron resting on a rock in a small pond. It has been my experience that these birds are skittish and usually fly away as I approach them. I took a few photographs and tried to move closer and, as I expected, it flew away.
I have uploaded a couple more silhouettes of birds to my Blog - Click Photo of the Day Blog - to see these photos

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