Saturday, February 14, 2009


The three flowers I shared yesterday have been identified by members of my Photo of the Day list. (the numbers after the name indicate the number of people who identified the flower)
  1. heather (2)
  2. morning glory (1)
  3. hydrangea (5)
Since today is Valentine's Day, I chose to share three photographs of red roses. I photograph flowers whenever I get the chance because they show beautiful colours, shapes and textures. Today's photos were taken with available light coming through our living room window. The white area in the photos is the top of a marble table. In the third image, I left enough in the scene to write a title such as "Happy Valentine's Day!"

I can't even imagine how many flowers will be sold in the world today. If any of you get (or give) flowers for your Valentine, why don't you take a picture or two and send them to our school's photo album at

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