Monday, February 09, 2009


This is the second in the Lost? series. You will notice that I have placed a ? after the title. The comments below made me rethink the title.

That's what photography, I feel, is all about. Those buildings are gone forever but your photos make sure that they are not forgotten. Each time that shutter comes down on the camera on certain shots has recorded something never to be repeated again. Like this morning on RedBubble a lady had a taken a close up of a snowflake on a tulip petal and I immediately thought to myself....the camera has made it possible for the snowflake to be looked at for as long as that photo lasts, when soon the flake will melt away.

That's what fascinates me about photography

The first image was taken in Deer Lake but I am not certain of the year. If someone from Deer Lake knows when this barn fell, or was taken down, please let me know. Unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity to photograph it earlier.

The last time I drove through St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay, I think the house in the second photo was gone. Again, someone from St. Joseph's could confirm this.

I am certain that the stages shown in this photo no longer exist. Again, I am not certain when this photo was taken so I would appreciate help from Winterton, Trinity Bay.

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bearkat said...

Sure enjoying seeing the older buildings and past history. :)

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