Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The first two images this morning were taken in Pouch Cove in 1982. I remember being amazed at the wooden structures built precariously on the high cliffs. A few years later, they were replaced by one large concrete structure. To be honest, I am not sure if I ever bothered to photograph the new structure.

The third image was taken in Bay Bulls and this area has changed dramatically since the mid-80s. Two boat tour operators operate from this location nowadays. Since the small boat was in a state of disrepair at the time, I assume that it no longer exists.

I learned very early in my photographic career that nothing stays the same. One morning in 1970, I was going to photograph a mining exploration camp as we travelled up river to explore for minerals. I decided to wait until the afternoon, but when I returned in the evening, the camp was on fire. I captured a few images of the fire, but missed the photo of the peaceful camp in the early morning light. That incident occurred during the first couple of months that I owned a 35 mm camera.

Quite a few of you are enjoying this series so I'll send a few more over the next few days.

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bearkat said...

Also enjoying the stories behind the photos too! :)