Monday, February 02, 2009

Car Wrecks

Why would anyone take photos of car wrecks?

A few years ago I began to photograph car wrecks around the province to use in my science classes when talking about pollution. I wanted to show that leaving these wrecks in people's yards was an eyesore. Like most photographic subjects, once I started photographing them, the more I saw.

You may notice that the license plate in the first photo identifies the province of registration as Ontario. I saw the car wreck next to a boat wreck and thought it would make an interesting image. I liked the red and white paint job on the third car wreck.

When photographing inanimate objects, the "decisive moment" is not as critical because the subjects do not move. In these cases, I chose to photograph straight on rather than move to one side or the other. Remember, these were taken using slide film which cost me around 50 cents per photo. If I saw the same scene today I would probably make more images since there is no cost.

There is one other message here: that cars (and boats) that were once shiny and new have deteriorated and are now worthless. The owners of the new vehicles were probably happy about their new purchases and proud of their vehicles. Now they are abandoned and rotting away and their owners have moved on to newer, more modern vehicles. Material things do not last and are eventually discarded.

A positive note about this story is that in recent years I hardly ever see a car wreck as I drive around looking for photos.

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bearkat said...

Actually, that was rather interesting! You have to wonder at the stories those old cars could tell lol! When I think of what my car and I have been through!!! :)