Friday, February 27, 2009


The alders growing around my property in Holyrood are probably the most photographed alders in the world. Because they are so plentiful around Newfoundland and Labrador, alders are considered a weed species by many people. However, I always liked the alders and photographed them in all seasons.

Today I am sharing 3 photos of alder cones covered with frost and snow. I looked up and liked the clear blue sky as a background with no distractions. To capture the second image, I composed the shot with frost-covered greenery in the background. The third, taken later in the winter shows snow-covered cones. Note that the early morning light makes the brown cones look "warm" compared to the snow.
The last two images show the cones with two different backgrounds. I like the last one better because the background is less distracting.

Feel free to check more of my photos of alders at: .

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bearkat said...

You just have to love Mother Nature!! The photo art was interesting too :)