Monday, February 23, 2009

Delicate Designs

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Holyrood: sunny and warm for late February. I went for a snowshoe hike for a couple of hours and enjoyed the time outside. During the walk, I photographed the grasses and plants that are nearly covered by snow.

I liked the delicate designs created by the weather-beaten plants which obviously are not delicate or the winds, rain, ice, snow and sleet would have broken them. But despite the harsh weather since last fall, they are still intact.

The first two photos show the curved tops of a group of plants (may be what's left of a fern from last summer) in a bog on back of my house. I zoomed in closer to give a better view. As I crossed another bog later, I photographed several types of grasses that, because of the rounded reeds, made interesting and abstract images.

1 comment:

bearkat said...

Those are actually neat pics:) Some wintry weather on the way here, but not the snow accumulations that eastern Canada has been getting! Enjoyed the sunset pics!
Have a great week!! :)

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