Saturday, March 01, 2008

J - Job's Cove

I received emails from a few people across North America stating that the temperature here in the St. John's area are warmer than where they live. It is -14°C (2°F) this morning. :)

A few people wondered if I would send out a map with my photos. I have done this a few times but it takes me extra time to capture, reduce, crop and export an image from Google Earth, a free program from Google. I have been using this program for several years and it is reliable and easy to use. I would recommend it for those who wish to see where in Newfoundland and Labrador my photos are from.

J was a difficult letter because I have only 2 Galleries with subjects beginning with that letter. I chose Job's Cove, a small community in Conception Bay.

The first photo shows a freshly painted boat with houses in the distant background. The second shows a part of a waterfall that drops quite a distance, and the third shows an unidentified bird that landed on a nearby rock. First, I thought it was a sparrow, but after looking at it's beak, I am tempted to call it a young robin. If anyone knows the specie of this bird, let me know.

I have additional photos of Job's Cove at:

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bearkat said...

hi bruce...sure have been enjoying your posts this week...and seeing the eastern side of our great country :)....hmm....we have been sitting around + 10 most of the week here, at least during the day time....and i have bulbs starting to poke their heads through too....have a great day!!!