Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have chosen two "old" photos this morning.

The 1961 Volkswagen was the first car my wife and I purchased after we got married in 1970. We had an apartment on Monkstown Road in St. John's and had to park on the sidewalk during winter evenings. The photo was taken during a 3 day state of emergency in the winter of 1971. I have many "stories" about that car .....

The second photo was taken in Harry's Harbour, Green Bay on a cold winter morning in mid-winter 1972. I was living in King's Point at the time and drove 20 minutes to photograph the small community.

These were scanned from slides.

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bearkat said...

hi bruce...sure am enjoying your photos...and really enjoyed the "older" ones...i can still see those pillows at the friends places that i had mentioned earlier!!! :) scant inch of snow that we got overnight pales in comparison to today's photo!!!! have a good day!!