Monday, January 28, 2008

More Winter

Today, I am sharing three more photos taken during this weekend's snowshoe hikes. I chose photos I took while looking up as I walked through the forest.

The storms we had last week left lots of snow on the branches of even the tiniest trees. I really like the textures of the snow as well as the contrast between the snow and the clear blue sky. I hope you are not tiring of winter photos yet. There are still 6-8 weeks of winter left in this part of the world. :)

Someone asked what I liked about walking in the forest this time of the year. When I thought about it, there are many reasons:

  • no black flies, mosquitoes or other biting insects
  • easy to walk over areas that are boggy in the summer providing opportunities to explore areas that are difficult to pass in the summer
  • walking across lakes and ponds saves time and effort when trying to get somewhere specific
  • I can see tracks which indicate animals have passed by this area since I have been there last.

Since I do not get cold when walking in the forest, it is sometimes more enjoyable walking in winter.

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bearkat said...

hi bruce.....i did a bit of snowshoeing once and enjoyed it....i might add something to that list of yours though....the solitude is nice too!!!!!! stay warm...take care! :)