Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter Scenes

I had a few requests to see other photos I took on my snowshoe hikes during Christmas. I am sharing two more today and will send more over the next while. I am trying to send a variety of images because if I send "current" photos there will be mostly winter photos for the next 3 months.

Both photos this morning show how the wind has shaped the snow high in the hills. You may be able to guess that the snow is also hard. In some places it was pure ice and I had to be careful not to slip.

Shooting snow (or beach) scenes in bright sunlight is challenging because the chip in camera reads the scene as very bright and chooses high shutter speeds and aperture. The trees and hills in the first image show up as dark areas. Because of the gray rock and snow, the hills in the second image are more their natural colour.

Several people have asked if I would teach a basic photography course on line. I am curious how many of you would be interested in more "formal" photography lessons than the hints I give in my Photo of the Day.

If there is enough response, I may consider developing one. If you are interested in doing an online photography course please click the link below.

NOTE: this is for information purposes only to determine if there would be enough interest to put work into developing the course. Clicking Yes below is NOT a commitment to register if I decide to proceed.

Yes, I would be interested in an online photography course.

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