Sunday, January 13, 2008

Droghedea Historical Farmhouse

I am not sure if the objects in today's photos are antiques, however, they are old enough to be in a local museum. Droghedea Historical Farmhouse is located in Makinsons (near Clarkes Beach) and dates back to the 1800's. The house is full of objects that span many years.

The stove reminds me of visiting my Grandparent's house in Winterton, Trinity Bay when I was a young boy. There was a wood stove in their kitchen and I was always amazed that they could cook so well (even bake bread) on it. They had kettles similar to the two larger ones in the second image.

The third shows old books. I am pretty sure that I used the English Grade 7 book when I was in that grade (1961). The Math book also looks familiar, but it may have been from seeing these photos.

Today's photos bring back memories of my youth. They also illustrate my theme - Everything's a Picture. We tend to take common objects for granted, not realizing that they will be considered antiques 50+ years from now. Of course, we don't save every object that we have because they may be valuable antiques in the future, however, with digital photography, we can take photos of whatever we want. Years from now there should be a lot more photos of "our time in history" because there are so many digital cameras around.

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bearkat said...

hi bruce..this made me think of some dear old family friends that had such a stove...warm fuzzies!!! thanks