Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Walk

We had an excellent weekend for snowshoeing. I walked for 2 hours yesterday and 2 hours again today. Of course I took a few photos. ;) The temperature was -12°C (6°F), but it was a beautiful, and warm, walk. Very peaceful scenes.

The first one shows one view from the back of our house. The "arrow tree" is just a few minutes walk from there. The branches of most trees had lots of snow on them, just like the ones in the third photo.

I finally uploaded photos of my hike to the mountain just before Christmas. If you are interested go to:

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bearkat said...

hi bruce...glad you had a nice time snow shoeing!! looks like you have a lot of snow there!!..we don't have that much snow, but we sure do have some cold temps!! it is currently -22 with a windchill of -36..BRRRRR!!!!!...and forecasted to go lower yet!!..guess the shovelling will wait until tomorrow!! take care!!!