Friday, January 18, 2008


Wow! The VW photo sure evoked lots of memories for many of you. I will have a look through my scanned slides for others, but I am not sure I have any others scanned yet.

This morning I am sharing two photos of Petley, Random Island that were taken in the winter of 2005. The first photo shows lobster pots stored on a "stage", a common sight around the island of Newfoundland this time of year.

The second shows a couple of sheds bordering a road that leads to a house in the background. Again, this is a typical winter scene in communities around the province.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce:
What beautiful images of Petley! The snow encrusted lobster pots at the end of the stage are such an iconic image found in many smaller fishing villages. It evokes a peacefulness in me. There certainly is beauty in simple things. When I scrolled down to look at your next image, I just wanted to walk down that trail! A really lovely shot of the snowy trail leading into the woods from these little cabins. Gosh I wish I was there! I will definitely go visit Petley sometime now that I have seen these awe-inspiring images.
~Kim Templeman

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Thanks Kim,

I took quite a few photos on Random Island. I'll share a few more from time to time.
There are 15 more on my web site: