Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter - Holyrood

Today I have returned to photos taken during one of my snowshoe hikes out back.

The first photo was taken on top of the first ridge of hills looking across the bog I was travelling on. I used a wide angle lens to include the bright sun. I focused on the bright scene and took a couple of photos. I am pleased with the amount of detail in the snow considering how bright it was.

The second photo shows where a moose lay down in the snow for a nap. This was right on the trail I use every day. I have seen lots of moose tracks in this area, but have never seen a moose up there in winter.

The third photo was taken from the top of the third ridge and shows Main Beach Pond. The recent photos I have shown of ice in a small river and animal tracks across a lake were taken near the little peninsula sticking out near the top left of the lake.

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