Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Ornament

This morning is the first since earlier this week that the Internet has been working. I am changing Internet Providers on Monday and am hoping it will be much better.

I chose two images of a Christmas Ornament to share with you today. Every year I take photos of ornaments to add to my stock photo collection. I took the two photos this morning in front of my living room window because there is lots of light and it wasn't necessary to use a flash. Some people think I am a little odd for taking photographs of ornaments, but I recently used one of these photos in a Christmas ad for a local company. Remember - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE

We have our Photo Album Project back on line at MQP. ( ) Feel free to take a look and contribute photographs from your area of the world. Our kids love looking at the photos and often use them in school projects. Just send me your photos or send them direct to the project email - We will get them online ASAP.

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