Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Port Kirwin

Most communities on the Avalon Peninsula have trails that lead to nearby headlands, and Port Kirwin, on the Southern Shore, is no different. To capture today's photos, I drove to the end of a gravel road, them walked past grassy fields to the ocean and beach.

You may have noticed that there are very few people in the photos. On most of the hikes I take, I hardly ever see another human being. When I do see people, I try to photograph them as part of the scene. I'll have a look for a walking trail with people.

I haven't been sending maps with my tours because Google Earth is a free program and is excellent for finding communities anywhere in the world.

I have a few other photos on line at:

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bearkat said...

Thanks Bruce...have been enjoying the pics from your area...this is a cool way to see the eastern part of our country!!!