Friday, July 13, 2007

Cape Bonavista

If you visit Cape Bonavista, you will see rocky cliffs that have been carved by millions of years of erosion. The constant pounding of the ocean has created seascapes that are both dangerous and beautiful.

This was a challenging photo shoot because it was a dull, overcast day. If I exposed for the sky and water, the cliffs would be too dark; expose for the cliffs and the sky would be too bright. Since I was shooting digital photographs, I experimented and tried a variety of exposures and compositions.

The first photo today was taken in colour and was a fairly good exposure. I converted it to black and white and liked the result. If you would like to see the colour version, let me know.

You will notice that the sky is totally white in the second photo. That's because I exposed for the cliffs. However, by including only a small part of the sky, I made sure the cliffs were well-exposed.

Hint: Shoot a variety of angles and compositions; especially when shooting with a digital camera.

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