Monday, July 23, 2007


The lupines in my back yard are "going to seed" and the flowers are withering. In a short while, I will collect lupine seeds to plant around our new house. I know lupines love rocky soil and I will have lots of places for them to grow.

I wanted to show you two photographs that were taken from different angles. I took the first while looking down at them; the angle from which most people would view flowers. To get the second photo I lay on the ground and looked up. Most people probably don't look at things from the ground level.

Do you get a different perception of the flowers from each image? Media creators shoot down on a subject to make it appear smaller, weaker and less significant. They shoot up to make the subject appear to be larger, stronger and more significant.

Photo hint: Take photos from different angles!

A beautiful day here in Holyrood. I am hoping to get a few photos today!!

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