Monday, July 30, 2007

More Bees

There were at least a dozen bees around the fireweed today. I photographed a few of them and am sharing a couple of photos of bees that landed on the flowers. (The close-ups have been cropped from the original photos)

I used my 28-80 mm zoom lens to capture these photos. This lens allows me to get fairly close to the bees without disturbing them. If you have ever observed bees in these flowers, you will know that each bee works its way around a plant spending only a second or two on each flower. I choose a flower, focus and wait for the bee to fly into the scene.

I miss a lot because the bee may leave one plant and go to another. When that happens I find another plant nearby then set up my photo again. Another thing to remember about photographing fireweed is that the plants are often swaying in the wind. This makes focusing a problem.
You have to be patient if you want to capture photos of bees or other insects.

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