Friday, July 06, 2007

Whales of St. Vincent's

Yesterday, I went to St. Vincent's to see the whales that are feeding close to shore and I was not disappointed.

The first photo shows the beach that stretches from St. Vincent's to Peter's River. There is only one other person on that whole stretch of beach, but there were about 10 behind me. Most were tourists from out of the province who were also there to see the whales.

There were about a dozen humpback whales, but one group of three were the closest to the beach and the easiest to photograph because they were feeding and a little more predictable. The whales further out were diving deeper and by the time I saw them surface, they were gone again. But the ones in my second two photos were staying in the one area and weren't under water very long. I was lucky to capture a few shots of the whales' tails as they dove.

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