Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weathered Wood

This morning I am sending two black and white photos that depict weathered wood. The first shows shingles on an old shed. You can see that they are weathered and cracked. As well the nails have rusted.

The second looks very similar, but this piece pf wood has been weathering in nature. This photo was taken on the banks of Badger Lake in Central Newfoundland many years ago.

Even though we humans have learned to cut and modify trees for building materials, the wood eventually weathers, then rots away the same as if we hadn't touched it.

I think this says something about our perceptions of the world. In general, humans think they are outside of Nature and that they are the most important living things on the planet. However as today's photos show, what we build will not last. It is time we realized that we are part of Nature and change our life styles to care for the planet that gives us life.

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