Sunday, March 25, 2007

Splash of Colour

This morning I have decided to send a "splash of colour" which is a sign of things to come in this part of the world.

The snow is all but gone, but it is still pretty cool. It will be a while before the flowers bloom, but today's photos are a reminder that they will.

The bleeding hearts make excellent photographic subjects because of their colours and shapes. The yellow flowers look like daisies, but I am not sure what variety of flower these are. The third photo shows a field of blue flag irises after a heavy rainfall. Notice how the top leaves have folded downwards, almost like they are protecting the pollen that is found inside the flower.

My email server is having problems over the past 24 couple of days, and I have not received any email. If any of you sent a response regarding the Naples Zoo, you will receive a response when I start receiving emails again.

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