Tuesday, March 20, 2007


In 1980, I visited Oahu, Hawaii for 2 weeks. I shot an average of 1 roll of 36 slides per day which at the time cost me around $20 per roll. Today I have chosen 3 images to share.

The first two were taken from our 11th floor hotel balcony. The sunset shows palm trees along Waikiki Beach, a hotel, and beautiful colours. We witnessed a beautiful sunset every night we were there.

The surfers used to start at daylight and continue throughout the day. I used to swim out among them every day to observe how they surfed. A friend and I rented surf boards on our last day there and I actually caught a few waves and stood up on the surfboard for a good distance. It was fun!

The third is a silhouette of a girl from New York. I approached her and asked if I could take her photo with the sun setting behind her. She agreed and I took several photos. Each is a silhouette and a few are closer and better than the image I am sharing today. Since they were slides, I have to wait until I come across a scan of other photos in the series before I can show you.

Later I was standing in a line for food when overheard a guy telling a group of people that a "professional" photographer asked to photograph his girlfriend on the beach. There were 50 busloads of people at the luau we attended and I wondered about the chances of me lining up behind her boyfriend. As I said before - each photo brings back vivid memories. : )

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bearkat said...

sunsets are never the same!! Had to send this one on to my sister, as she has probably walked this beach!!