Thursday, March 22, 2007


On Monday, I took a 2 hour snowshoe hike behind my house. It was amazing how much snow had melted since my walk the day before. This morning, I am sharing three photos I took during the last hike.

The first image shows the point on the trail where I stopped and turned back. You can see that the trail has been transformed into a small river that was flowing underneath the snow on which I was standing. I had walked around several areas on the trail that were similar to this, but much smaller. The second photo shows another part of the trail that I had walked over a few minutes before stopping. The water flowing under the snow was a little unnerving because if I fell trough, I would get very wet, then have to walk an hour or so with wet clothes. That wouldn't have been very comfortable.

The third photo shows the lake that I had walked across the day before. I was amazed at how much it had melted in less than 24 hours. I certainly didn't take a chance walking across it during my last snowshoe hike of the year. The temperatures on Friday are supposed to be around 10°C (42°F) so I suspect that there won't be too much snow left by the weekend.

These type of photos document the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Last year, I started photographing the trails and hills behind my house in late April and have continued throughout the year. I have thousands of photos of the changes throughout the seasons, almost on a daily basis. I'll probably continue the "project" again for another year or two. Taking a camera along on my walks forces me to "see" the changes that are occurring and allows me to share them with others. The walks are also good for the body, and the soul.

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