Saturday, May 31, 2014



Today I am starting a new series in which I will share photographs of Newfoundland and Labrador communities.  Several years ago I was asked to put together a slide presentation that would be shown at a fundraising dinner for Battle Harbour.  The theme of the show was the beauty of communities around our province.

I will upload 10 images to my Blog each day and encourage you to check them out.
The photos today are from:
  1. Norman's Cove, Trinity Bay
  2. Spaniard's Bay, Conception Bay
  3. Ship Cove, Conception Bay
  4. Trout River, Great Northern Peninsula
  5. Port de Grave, Conception Bay
  6. Cape Broyle, Southern Shore
  7. St. Mary's, St. Mary's Bay
  8. Burin, Placentia Bay
  9. Flat Rock. Northeast Avalon
  10. Little Catalina. Trinity Bay

Since the tourist season is approaching, this series will serve to show the beauty that you will see when you visit the bays and coves around the province.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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