Friday, May 16, 2014



This looks like a great year for viewing icebergs around the island of Newfoundland.  There are a few along the Southern Shore, in Conception Bay, Trinity Bay Notre Dame Bay and the St. Anthony area. 
I posted photos of a couple of icebergs near Witless Bay and Blackhead a few days ago.  Today I am sharing photos taken on a boat trip to an iceberg in Conception Bay back in 2003.

When we arrived at the iceberg I boarded a small motor boat that took us close to the iceberg for a close view.  I was very excited to be so close to a such a large piece of ice that was formed over 10,000 years ago.  At one point we explored a place where a lot of ice had broken away from the iceberg and the motor cut out.  Our guide could not get it going for around 10 minutes.  I felt a little nervous because there were pieces of ice falling off the berg and I knew that a large piece could fall off any minute that could swamp our small boat.  I was also excited to be so close and I made many images during our brief stop!

A seal had climbed up on a "bergy bit" and was a little nervous of us as we went by in our boat.  I took several photos of it before we headed back to the larger boat that was there to collect ice.

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