Monday, May 26, 2014



Spring is here - at last!  The tulips in my yard have finally begun to bloom.  Three days ago I photographed the first two that were originally planted near a big rock, hoping that the temperature of the soil would be a little warmer.  It is interesting that the tulips near the rock were the first to bloom. 
Last fall I dug up the bulbs in that area and moved them to a new flower garden I build closer to the house.  Obviously, I must have missed a few bulbs. 

Since they are fairly far from my house,  I cut them and brought them inside.  I couldn't find a small vase so used a beer glass.  Later in the evening, I decided to test how my new camera handles low-light situations and photographed the two tulips in a variety of locations around the house.

The first couple of photos show them outside near the large rock I mentioned above.  When I first brought them inside, I placed them on the kitchen windowsill and a while later, I was surprised to see the flowers opened very wide.  When I took them out of the window, the blooms began to close a little.

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William F Matthews said...

I particularly like the outdoor shots of the tulips. FYI, one is supposed to keep the leaves out of the water - leaves submerged contribute to rot. Some of my Narcissus are still emerging and some new Hyacinths haven't made it above ground! AND a rabbit munched my variegated Tulip Firespray leaves!