Monday, May 19, 2014

Icebergs 4

Icebergs 4

Today I have uploaded 10 photos of an iceberg I photographed in 2002 near Bay Bulls on the Southern Shore.  It wasn't a huge iceberg and didn't have a spectacular shape, but it was interesting to see one grounded so close to shore.  There were several people there despite the 15 minute walk to get there from the town.

I thought I'd share this story about that day.  After I had finished my photos I was sitting down and taking in the view before walking back to my car.  A couple approached me and the guy asked if I owned a memory card he had picked up along the trail.  It was mine and I thanked him very much before they moved on.  Twelve years ago, memory cards for the camera I was using were around $100 each so I was very happy that someone had found it and taken the time to find the owner.  Aster that I wrote my name and phone number on the plastic case of all my cards.

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