Saturday, May 19, 2012



Last evening I walked through our kitchen and stopped to admire a single reddish tulip that I brought in from my garden. The high winds have been tearing petals from many of the tulips so I thought I'd enjoy a few inside the house as well as those outside.

I closed the Venetian style blinds in the windows to avoid harsh light, set up my tripod and tried a few different compositions. I shot towards the living room, which was dark (curtains closed) and I knew that there would be little light causing the black background.

These photos certainly illustrate the theme of my Photo of the Day - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE. If I hadn't walked into the kitchen when I did, noticed the tulip, then taken the time to get my camera, lenses and tripod, these photos wouldn't exist and I wouldn't be able to share with you this morning.

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