Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Icebergs 11

Icebergs 11

Yesterday, another 10 people voted to continue the Iceberg Series - making the vote 31/32 (97%). Thanks everyone. I've chosen another 50 images of the same iceberg that I photographed in Conception Bay in 2003. Today's photos were taken three weeks after those I've been sharing for the past few days. You may not even recognize the iceberg because it changed so much over that period of time. As well, between the two photo shoots I purchased a new camera - Canon 10D, my first digital DSLR. The quality of the photos taken with this camera are muvh higher quality.

As you view the images (and ten uploaded to my Blog) you will see that the shape and texture of the ice is different and the iceberg has broken into three smaller, but still quite large, icebergs.

Since starting this series, quite a few new people have subscribed to my Photo of the Day. Most of them were referred by friends who already receive my daily photos. (Thanks for the referrals). If you think your family and friends might enjoy my daily photos, feel free to forward this email to them and tell them all they have to do is click this link to be added: I accept your invitation to join the Photo of the Day List

I am not sure if you are all aware, but in 2005 my son, Mark and I created a DVD entitled Icebergs. You can find more information at:
SPECIAL: The regular price for this DVD is $24.95 + s & h, but during this Iceberg Series you can purchase it at 50% off - That's just $12.95 + s & h.  

 Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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