Friday, May 18, 2012

Houses 10

New Melbourne

New Perlican

Broad Cove

Ochre Pit Cove - Western Bay Area

New Harbour

Heart's Delight

Coley's Point

Coley's Point

Coley's Point

Houses 10

All of today's photos were taken in communities along the Baccalieu Trail which is located on the Northwestern Avalon. In 2003, I travelled around this route at least four times to ensure I photographed every community. Of course, one of the main subjects on these trips was Houses.  Today, I have identified the communities in which the houses were photographed.

The first photo shows part of a house which was still standing in New Melbourne, Trinity Bay. It was taken in August, 2003 and I suspect that it is probably not standing now.

The fourth photo was taken in the Ochre Pit Cove - Western Bay area.  It was filed in my Ochre Pit Cove folder, however, I think it was a little farther along the Baccalieu Trail.

There are a couple of photos from Broad Cove, Conception Bay. If any of you are interested in making photos of traditional style houses, this is an excellent place to start!   There are also three photos taken in Coley's Point, Conception Bay and, while one of the houses looks like it hasn't been abandoned, the property had grown wild and I didn't see evidence of recent activity.

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