Wednesday, May 09, 2012



This morning I am starting a series on old houses around Newfoundland and Labrador Since houses is one of my favourite photographic subjects, I have shared many since starting my Photo of the Day nearly ten years ago. There are also many on my Blog already. However, since there have been quite a few new subscribers to my list since my last series in 2010, I don't mind another. My apologies if I duplicate some of the images from previous posts.

While visiting the town of Cupids in the early 80s, I photographed an old house that looked like it hadn't been lived in for quite a while. The second image shows how it looked in the spring of 2004. When I last drove by there in 2010, I saw that it had been fixed up. There is a sign over the door that says, Diamond in the Rough. I did take many more photos of this house over the years, but they were taken with slide film and haven't been scanned yet.

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