Sunday, May 27, 2012

Icebergs 8

Icebergs 8

Yesterday a gentleman from the USA asked what they did with the ice once it was collected. As a result I am sharing a few photos showing how the "ice fishermen" used nets to carry pieces of iceberg to the larger boat, where it was hoisted aboard and put in the hold, or, if it was too big, placed on the deck. When the boat was full of ice, it headed back to port where the ice was broken into smaller pieces, placed in barrels, then allowed to melt. Once filtered, the water is pure - free of pollutants and chemicals.

The water is carried to a distillery where they make Iceberg Rum and Iceberg Vodka. Another company makes a premium Iceberg Beer (nearly $18 for a 6 pack), and others make wines from the 10,000 year old water. I've tasted the Iceberg Beer and Iceberg Rum, and they are really good.

I've also had a few large chunks of iceberg ice in my deep freeze and used it for drinking water and ice cubes for drinks. The water is the best I have ever tasted.

I am not sure if you are all aware, but in 2005 my son, Mark and I created a DVD entitled Icebergs. You can find more information at:
SPECIAL: The regular price for this DVD is $24.95 + s & h, but during this Iceberg Series you can purchase it at 50% off - That's just $12.95 + s & h.  

 Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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