Saturday, May 05, 2012

Navigator of the Seas 2

Navigator of the Seas 2

Today's photos show some of the activities and art on board the Navigator of the Seas. Because I don't want to drag out this series too long, I am uploading more photos to my Blog each day - 22 this morning.

The first few images show many small balls connected by strings that extend from Deck 3 to Deck 11. The movement of the ship caused the balls to move which was interesting to watch.  There is a photo of a nearly empty Windjammer, where you can eat buffet style meals from early morning until around 9 at night.  The cafe on the Royal Promenade, also shown today, is open 24 hours.  Studio B is a skating rink where guests can rent skates and where they have a fantastic Ice Show that ran 4 times during the week. There is seating for 800 around the ice. Other photos show Deck 11 with two pools and a couple of the hot tubs as well as the adult pool in the Solarium.  The statues were situated around the Solarium as well.

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