Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Yesterday was a glorious day here in Holyrood: sunny, but a little cool. I like the cool temperatures this time of year because I can work outside or hike in the woods without being bothered by black flies, which are abundant when the conditions are right. Yesterday I worked in my yard for a couple of hours before hiking for two hours to the nearest mountain and back. I took today's photos when I returned from that hike.

So far only two daffodils have bloomed even though the plants seem to be doing well. The pansies are blooming all around my yard. In early April, I transplanted a dozen or so pansies from my back yard to another garden plot in the front. Even though they are small, there are lots of colourful blooms. The tulip shown was the first to bloom, but two nights of frost has caused damage to the flower. All other tulips are ready to bloom as soon as we get a couple of warm days.

The purpose of sharing these images is to let people see what it is like here at this time of year. I saw daffodils blooming in early March in British Columbia and I am sure the weather in other parts of the country is warmer than here, but the splash of colour around here is a welcome change, even if it is a little late.

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