Monday, May 16, 2011

Houses 1

Houses 1

Last week I went to Mitchell's Brook, Mount Carmel and Haricott for a drive and possible photo ops. It was a grey day which was good for photographing houses. Today I am showing photos of the same houses taken in August 2002, and again in 2011.

The first shows a photogenic shed taken in 2002 and the second taken a week ago. You can see that nine years ago it had been freshly painted and done up. Now it is in need of another paint job and the moose antlers have been taken down. Of course, the sunny day along with greenery, flowers and moose antlers make the earlier photo more cheerful.

The house in the third photo was for sale in 2002, but today has changed a bit. The colour yellow is different and there is a new door where there was a small window. In addition, a deck has been added to the front of the house and the shed has been painted. The last two are different views taken 9 years apart.

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