Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring 2

Spring 2

It was sunny and cool here today but we are expecting warmer temperatures with showers for the next 3 days. To be honest, we need the rain.

Today I am continuing the Spring Plants series and sharing a few more images taken in my yard on Monday. The first shows a tulip flower just about to open. The second is a wild strawberry in bloom and the third shows a forget-me-not plant that is starting to bloom.

I thought most of you would be living in places warmer than here with more flowers in bloom, but one person let me know that they are further behind us:

Bruce, you may be closer to the arctic circle, way out in the North Atlantic....but you are farther into Spring than we are down here in Colorado!! The Aspen leaves here aren't even fully out yet...they just barely opened last week! We have no flowers yet! We're at 7,550 feet above sea level (another half mile higher than the mile high city of Denver!) and in the cities Spring has sprung, but at my place we're still waiting!

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