Friday, July 16, 2010

Tangled Garden 8

This is the last in the Tangled Garden Series. The photos this morning are representative of some of the images I haven't shared - several species of plants, flowers and objects or decorations around the garden.

The first photo today shows an interesting plant that looks like thick straw. I have several images of this plant and if you would like to see more, let me know. The pink and white flower may be another peony. I liked the carved wooden statue as well.

You may have gathered that I enjoyed my trip to Tangled Garden and if you like gardening, photographing flowers or would like to try some of their products, I recommend a visit the next time you are driving through Grand Pré in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. They have a web site with recipes and catalogue at:

I was checking my Blog stats and I am getting an average of 18 visitors a day and each visitor looks at an average of 2 pages. While this doesn't seem like a lot, and it isn't compared to visitors to my web site (one month I had over a million hits), it indicates that several people are probably following my Blog on a daily basis. If you don't check it, but would like to see more images (usually 2 extra) of the daily theme, feel free to check it out. As well, all my Photos of the Day since the summer of 2006 are on my Blog and the search function which makes it fairly easy to find images. I use it often to check if I have sent images in the past.

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