Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parson's Pond

It was still foggy and overcast when we arrived in the small town of Parson's Pond, but because photos with fog can be excellent, we decided to try and photograph the fishing stages anyway. As well, when it is overcast I try to include as little sky as possible in my photos in order to avoid overexposed skies. The last photo this morning is an example - I exposed for the colours in the sheds so the sky is very bright in the photo.

Like many communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, the stages are situated around the harbour making it difficult to photograph unless one shoots across the water. The first image was taken with my 17-40 mm lens set at maximum zoom. The second was taken with my 70-300 mm zoom lens. The last photo shows the long line of colourful storage sheds along the roadside in the town.

I am not anxious to change lenses when it is foggy and damp, but it was necessary in order to capture the images I wanted. I clean my camera body and lens often when shooting in damp foggy conditions or on a beach with ocean spray. I use an Ultra Microfibre Cloth which I purchased at a flea market in Florida a few years ago. It is perfect for this purpose.

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