Sunday, July 04, 2010

Environmental Posters 2

This morning I am sharing a few more environmental posters that I used with students when discussing the importance of a healthy environment and Think Green.

I took the photo of a Pepsi can that was lying in the moss on one the the trails I hike often. I lay on my stomach and got very close to the can to capture the wide view. By adding the question: What's wrong with this picture? I forced students to think about throwing pop cans in the forest. Of course the answer to the question is obvious, even to Grade 1 students, but discussions reinforced the reasons why we shouldn't "litter".

I knew we had a lot of cash on hand the day after our "Adopt-a-Book" event in mid-September so I chose a couple of volunteers from Grade 3 and 4 to let me photograph them throwing money away. At first they thought it was a little odd, but they soon got into it and bills were flying everywhere. (A week later another child saw two $20 bills hanging from the lighting fixtures on the ceiling). These posters were also used with students ... the message that throwing recyclables in the trash was the same as throwing money away obviously got through to most students because our school was one of the top recyclers in the province.

The last poster was used to discuss what Slogans were and how to add them to photographs. Around 20 years ago I designed a poster for the provincial Department of Environment and the slogan I used at that time was - A Beautiful Scene, Keep it Clean ... and That's No Garbage! Students then had to choose pictures and come up with their own slogans. I taught them how to create posters in CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint, then add them to their web sites.

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