Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moose 2

The large bull moose shown in the first three photos was not visible from the road. We had already stopped to photograph a bull (shown in yesterday's Photo of the Day) and when it walked into the bushes, I walked a little further down the road and saw this large bull. Then the moose we had been photographing earlier walked into the scene. What luck! Two large bull moose within twenty feet of each other. Remember that the antlers on these animals will continue growing for another month or two so imagine how much bigger their antlers will be later in the Fall.

The last photo shows another moose that we saw among the alders on the side of the road. When it realized we were there, it bolted across a boggy area and I managed to capture several images as it ran away at full speed. This last photo shows ithe moose just as it started to jump over a few bushes at the edge of the bog. Note the position of its two front legs. This would have been a great sequence to capture on video.

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