Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tangled Garden 4

I am amazed at the number of people on this list who have also visited Tangled Garden. One person even said that it was the inspiration for her own garden here in Newfoundland. Several of you identified the yesterday's pink flower as an oriental poppy and when I checked it on line, I think you are right. The colours are a little different, but the centres are the same.

I chose another pink flower to share this morning and as you can see in the third photo, they were growing on a tree. I searched on line and the closest I could come to identifying it was a pink dogwood even though the centres look a little different. I would appreciate it f you could identify this one for me as well. :)

I liked the delicate pink flowers on the tree and, after looking up, photographed the branch with sunlight filtering through the petals and clear blue sky in the background. Since the branches with flowers were symmetrical I centred them in the frame.

All photos that day were shot in bright sunlight between 10:26 and 11:10 in the morning. I have mentioned before that flower photography is best in overcast conditions because the light is less harsh with no shadows, however, the lighting on most photos I took that morning was fairly good. The third photo would not be the same without strong backlighting and a blue sky.

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