Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tangled Garden 3

The pink flowers depicted in today's photos were growing in several places along the trails in Tangled Garden. I don't remember photographing this type of flower before and when I searched through the first 10 pages of images of pink flowers on Google, I didn't see it. If you know the type of flower, please let me know.

Even though the first flower was partly shaded, I really liked the lighting that made the petals look like velvet. The close ups show there are different types of petals around the reproductive parts to the flower.


Michelle Whitten LaCour said...

looks like an annual poppy Bruce. I went thru tangled gardens a few years ago and was amazed by the lush gardens and shop. love the lighting on these flowers

Unknown said...

It's an oriental poppy. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

It's an oriental poppy. Very nice!