Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moose 1

Those of you who were on my list last year will remember I shared photos of a mother moose and a calf several times - see my Blog for October 25, October 8, October 7, May 16 and May 15. After the hunting season was over in January, I continued to see two sets of moose tracks around my property and was hoping the two moose survived the hunting season and the winter.

Wednesday morning I was happy to see a mother and calf munching on the trees fairly close to my house. There wasn't much light at 6:00 AM but an hour or so later I saw both moose in the bog behind my house. It was much brighter so I took my camera and walked towards them.

The first photo shows both animals looking towards Mark's house (next door). It was a little odd because they were ignoring me, yet concerned about Mark walking out of his house. They continued to eat the plants on the bog and wandered behind two trees. I want you to see how difficult to see these huge animals when they are out and about. Since they were difficult to see when behind a couple of small larch trees out in the open, imagine how fast they would disappear if in thick trees!

The third photo shows the yearling as he started to move away from his mother and closer to me. This young bull was very curious and slowly made his way to 15-20 feet from me as he stared and listened to the sound of the camera clicking away.

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