Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moose 3

Today's photos show views of the mother moose who has been around here for a while, The first photo shows how high she can reach to get the best boughs. The second image was taken after I walked outside to make a few photos. Her keen sense of hearing alerted her to my presence. The third photo was taken just as she started to walk away from my house. Once she started to walk a little more quickly, the young bull followed along.

As you can imagine, I took many more photos of these two moose. and will probably get an opportunity to photograph them again soon. If she has a calf and drives the young bull away, the next photos you see may be the mother and new calf. She doesn't look pregnant, but most female moose give birth each Spring. I'll just have to wait and see.

The comments on this series has been very positive. As one person pointed out - I am lucky to be living where wildlife just hangs around waiting to be photographed. :) So far this year we have seen fox, snowshoe hare and moose. I am hoping to photograph a coyote soon. There were tracks in the snow around here just about every night during the winter. so I know they are around even though I haven't seen one yet.

I have lots of other Moose photos on line at: http://www.lanephotography.com/moose/moose.htm

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